Woman's Pop Top Tunic

Woman's Pop Top Tunic

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Here is your really awesome description that makes a ton of people want to buy.  When they read it, they will say hey! this is a really cool product and I want it now.  But the only reason they ever wanted the product in the first place is because of your really good description which kept the reader captivated and motivated to buy.

When they initially stumbled upon your page, they were unsure if it was the product for them.  But before you know it they were ready to buy.  Because you did things like show them great images.  You also had lists of features kind of like this:

This product has a ton of great features like:

 - It will make you happy and solve all of your problems

- It will cure all disease and bring peace on earth

- Your life will be better

- Who knew you could get so much value out of a T-Shirt?

They will want it so bad that they will take their credit card from their wallet.  Then they will think about all  of the people who will benefit from the product.  They wonder if their mom will want the product too.  They think that their mom will love it and it will make her life better too. 

They think  "hey mom!  This product is pretty awesome"  It's not quite as awesome as the better sticky button, but it sure is still a pretty rad product.  Then you think about other reasons why your mom might really like this product.

Some reasons your mom might like this product are:

- It will make her happy

- When your mom is happy, you are happy

- When you and your mom are happy, you go buy things

- When you both go buy things at stores the stores are happy and they have money

- Since the people who run the stores are happy and they have money, they will go buy more and more things at other stores, which makes people happy

- Each person at each new store will, go and buy things from other stores making those people happy. 

Eventually, everyone in the entire world will be happy because they have your product, and they will want to buy whatever you are selling. 

But they will only buy your product if they see a Buy Button